Compare And Contrast Kamehameha And George Washington

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Kamehameha and George Washington
There are many great world leaders that made impacts in the world. Two examples are Kamehameha and George Washington. Kamehameha The Great was the first man to unify and rule the Hawaiian Islands. He became king and caused many great cultural changes, although he was not next in line to become one. While he strictly enforced the kapu system, he created the law of Mamalahoe. This law punished murder and robbery (Potter, Kasdon, Rayson 12). George washington was a commander in chief during the American Revolutionary War and the first United State’s president ( He changed the way future presidents approached the position. In 1752, Washington started his military experience, which helped him to become a whig leader ( He also achieved the goal of winning the war for independence by developing an organization with an organizational culture and saved the army and the revolutionary cause at the battle in Trenton ( King Kamehameha and George Washington were both very effective leaders and made a big impact in the world.
Kamehameha and George Washington were both effective leaders because they were intelligent and trustworthy. Kamehameha kept the restless chiefs near his court. He did this to keep an eye on them and be aware when they’re acting sneaky. Although, Washington didn’t have much experience in maneuvering large formations of infantry, commanding cavalry or artillery, or maintaining the flow

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