Compare And Contrast Martin Luther And John Calvin

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John Calvin was a prominent French theologian during the Protest Reformation he was the father of the theological system known as Calvinism, Martin Luther was a German theologian he was an Augustian Monk whose teachings was inspired in the Reformation. John Calvin and Martin Luther are the most significant architects of the Reformation.

John Calvin studied liberal arts he continue his theological studies at the request of his father. Later, when his father had a falling out with the local bishop, Juan instructed to pursue an education in civil law, which he did in Orleans. After graduating as a Doctor of Law in 1531, he returned to Paris.

Martin Luther was born Germany and was baptized on the feast of St. Martin of Tours, after which it was named. His father owned a copper mine near Mansfield. Having risen from the peasantry, his father was determined to see his son …show more content…

A mentor told him to focus his life only in Christ and this afternoon would give the guidance sought. At 27, he was given the opportunity to be a delegate to a conference of the church in Rome. He came away disillusioned, and very discouraged by the immorality and corruption he witnessed there among Catholic priests. On his return to Germany, he enrolled at the University of Wittenberg, in an attempt to stifle their spiritual confusion. He excelled in his studies and received a doctorate and became a professor of theology at the university.

The compare and contrast is that always was first Martin Luther and then John Calvin, The prophet and Systematician was that Calvin, however, came later and therefore he was given a much needed respite to reflect on the prospects methodically granted to the Christian Church by Luther

Martin Luther was the pastor and John Calvin was the professor, the sermons of the two men, reflections of Calvin's head of intelligence and reason Luther sound

The justification or the glory of

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