Compare And Contrast Renaissance And Humanism

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Renaissance, which means “rebirth” in French, might be defined as the awakening of art, literature, architecture and learning in Europe between fourteenth and mid-sixteenth centuries through the contribution of classical sources. Despite the fact that it was originated in Italy, it started to spread throughout Europe and contributed to the transition from the Medieval Age to the modern one. Proponents of this movement emphatically connected themselves with the values of classical antiquity, especially as seen in the recently rediscovered works of art of writing and history. Additionally, they had a tendency to separate themselves from works written in the Middle Ages, a historical period they looked upon rather negatively. According to them, the Middle Ages were set in the "center" of two significantly profitable periods. In the same way, Humanism, which has an ideal of placing human beings at the center of the universe rather than God, was the major intellectual movement of the Renaissance and then it became the dominant sophisticated movement in Europe in the 16th century. Supporters of this movement asserted that humanistic studies, comprising of the examination and imitation of the established culture of Ancient Rome and…show more content…
As mentioned by Wilde, one of the most significant changes that occurred during the Renaissance was the evolution of Renaissance humanism as a method of thinking. During this period, people actually started to think differently and change how they thought about humanity, art, science and other fields. Therefore, due to their spread throughout the Europe with the cultural aspects by affecting painting, literature and science, Renaissance and Humanism had several influences on the people in terms of enhancing the way people look at the
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