Compare And Contrast Rervacca And It Happened One Night

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The early twentieth century was a time of change for the world. The world had gone through two World War’s by the end of 1945, and their impact on the world had a lot to do with the progressing of the cinema industry. In the instance of the films Rebecca, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and It Happened One Night, which was directed by Frank Capra, each portray different aspects of the theatre industry. The year that It Happened One Night came to theatres, the production code administration was approved that same year, which lined out all of the rules of how Hollywood directors should direct their movies and what they were and were not allowed to show in their movies, such as specific aspects about marriage or the lack of a marital commitment. Many differences can be seen within the two previously mentioned movies including character depth, different uses of framing, and uses of lighting. Each of these aspects creates a different meaning for each of the films, which helps further the plot and engage the viewers. It Happened One Night is a movie about a spoiled heiress who runs away to marry a man her father does not approve of. As she is traveling from Miami to New York City, she comes across a man who is a reporter looking for a story and finds one in her journey, but ends up falling in love with her. This film, especially in comparison to Rebecca, does not display much character depth. The characters are typical for the time period and stayed consistent the
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