Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Do you love someone? Is that someone, your spouse or significant other, or is that person one of your parents or even someone else? Well whoever it is you would most likely give something up for them, right? With love, it can be beautiful, but also love can be consequential. Obviously, you would take chances for that person, but surely some of those choices will backfire and do more harm than help. Also, if you are a secretive and keep your feelings separated from other people you care about they might start feeling like you don’t actually care. Finally, love is fantastic, but the truth lies in how much you are willing to give up. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo takes many chances to be with Juliet; this including marrying …show more content…

Juliet kept being in love with Romeo confidential from her parents. Soon her parents realized something was up and made her comply to marry Paris (Act 4, Scene 1). What this symbolizes is that people who care for you could and will be hurt by what you keep from them. Again Juliet acted this way out of love for Romeo. Love, the beginning is great, but then it comes to truth and true feelings on what you can give up for the person that you “love”. Some people would give up time with friends or time with family. In Romeo and Juliet’s case, they gave up their lives (Act 5, Scene 3). This just shows how “in love” Romeo and Juliet were. However, different people will cut out different things for the ones they love. Romeo and Juliet indeed love each other and gave up their lives for each other. Love can be the greatest feeling in the world, but also comes with unexpected consequences. The chances you take can backfire, other people in your life could start questioning the care you feel for them, and it comes down to how much you are willing to give up to gain appreciation of them. What would you surrender and what chances would you take for the one you

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