Compare And Contrast Taming Of The Shrew Movie And Movie

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The Taming of the Shrew is a play Written by William Shakespeare between 1590 & 1592 But was Published in 1980. The play is based around Katerina the eldest daughter and Bianca the youngest, Lucentio a scholar, Petruchio Katerina’s husband and Katerina’s many suitors before Petruchio. Before Bianca is allowed near any boys Katerina must be married. 10 things I hate about you was adapted from Taming of the Shrew. The movie was in the same category as Taming of the shrew meaning that they used William Shakespeare’s script, but Kristen Smith and Karen McCullah edited it to make it more modern. The movie was released by touchstone pictures on the 31st of March 1999 in the USA. In this essay, the focus will be on comparing the similarities and differences of the play and film. In this essay, the first topic that will be discussed are the characters. In both the play and the movie there are two sisters Katerina and Bianca, both films share the same challenge, that is Bianca can’t date until her older sister gets married off has a boyfriend. Bianca struggles to get through high school in the film because she must say no to every boy that takes interest in her. Kat on the other side is a firm believer that you need to do what you think is right and not live up to other people’s expectations “why should I live up to other people’s expectations instead of my own”. With Kats beliefs Bianca can’t, have the freedom to do what she wants to do and is trapped by Kats decisions. Cameron
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