Compare And Contrast The American Dream And The Great Gatsby

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Comparison/Contrast Essay In the 1920’s the United States was rapidly changing. World war 1 was great for American businesses, and the economy grew immensely. Americans, of all races and gender, were living the high life, and the American dream was born. The idea of this dream was that everyone should be rich, happy, loving, and can be if they work hard enough. The American dream was very diverse and looked different for everyone; women were completely new people, African Americans were free, and immigrants were flooding into America. In the story, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald does a poor job of portraying the American dream for most of the country. The United States was a melting pot of all different races at this time, due to this idea of the American dream. For the African Americans, the American dream was way better than anything they experienced for the past 100 years, because they were no longer slaves. Having the opportunities to work, make money, and live in their own homes, they were very happy. But, their lives were still not perfect. On one of the online documents, the author is an ex slave who is going to the north to escape the discrimination of the south, he says, “I pick up my life and take it with me and i put it down in Chicago… Any place that is North and West and not South” (DBQ D). After The Emancipation Proclamation people, mostly in the south, still treated the slaves as if they were aliens. The goal for the person in this poem was to move

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