Compare And Contrast The Buttercream Gangs And Unsung Heroes

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Unsung Heroes If there’s something I am good at, it is being lazy and letting my favorite movies roll all day. I am not very good at picking “good” movies. Most of the films that catch my eye seem to be low budget with poor quality or I don’t give them a chance to intrigue me. When I do finally decide to go beyond the first ten or so minutes, I usually end up so absorbed that I lose track of time and all the obligations I have that day. The movie that comes in at about a four on my favorite movie list is, “The Sandlot”. Another movie I enjoy but not very publicized is, “The Buttercream Gang.” After getting down to the nitty gritty, it really amazes me just how similar these two movies really are! Both movies follow the plot triangle very …show more content…

When he went to run away, the Beast follows closely behind and chases the boys. The Buttercream Gang reached the climax when Pete came back home from Chicago and was a changed person. He got himself caught up in theft, bullying, and other unlawful nonsense within the town. The rest of the gang tried to mend bridges with him but he did not want anything to do with the boys or the good that they were trying to do. The falling action begins when Benny jumps back over the fence and the fence falls on top of the Beast. Scotty feels bad for the dog and pleads for Benny to help free him. The Beast has a change in behavior and shows the boys all the baseballs that he has accumulated from flying over the fence. The boys of the “Buttercreamers” decide that they are going to kill Pete with kindness. No matter how rude he was to the boys, they would not stoop to his level. They would simply just “turn the other cheek.” Finally reaching the resolution, the Sandlot crew grew up and all moved away. Scotty became a baseball broadcaster and the courageous Benny went on to be Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and stole home as a Los Angeles Dodger. After hoaxing a kidnapping at his grandfather’s home for money, Pete moved back to Chicago. The folks back home were shocked to see he set up his own low key “Buttercream gang”. Scotty and Benny both really develop as protagonists. They are dynamic characters who change over time. They went through

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