Compare And Contrast The Constitution And Anti Federalists

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The Federalists supported the United States Constitution. They supported removing powers from the states and allowing the powers to go simply into the hands of the U.S. national government. Federalists were pleased with the idea of dividing the powers among the different branches of government, such as the legislative, executive, and judicial courts. Moreover, the anti-federalists believe that the necessary political powers need to remain within the states. They want the legislative branch to hold more power than the executive branch. The anti-federalists were uneasy at the thought of having a strong central government. They formed an ideation that there would be a probability the government may or may not become a dictator or tyrant. These people against the Constitution believed that a possible Bill of Rights needed to be the new and improved addition to the United States Constitution.…show more content…
They were exposed in essays written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. These essays gained the title “Federalist Papers,” which at the time were openly published in newspapers. These papers were written and shared to create a better understanding to the people and why they should approve of the United States Constitution. The Federalists Papers also positively influenced the citizens of the nation to help ratify the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation specified that all thirteen states needed to ratify the new Constitution so the nation can begin to develop. Only nine of the thirteen states had to ratify the Constitution in order for it to have enough power to advance on. The Constitution ultimately would replace the Articles of Confederation in those nine states that ratified it. The remaining states would be too weak as a set individual so they eventually had to ratify it along with the
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