Compare And Contrast The Other Wes Moore

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Richard McNeal
Literature -200
December 14, 2017
The Other Wes Moore Looking back at it all with the metamorphosis in place no doubt this story speaks to me on our own individual level of experiences from life as well. Two men born in the city of Baltimore with the same name comes down to examining our own decisions in life one could think. However I’m adamant of this particular journey of the two Wes Moore’s. The author Moore makes me differentiate between and use my own comparison with some similarities. However there are less similarity and less comparison as I take time to reflect for me. Interesting as it may be, Moore the author and Rhodes Scholar how inevitable with great success. Then Wes the other one is schedule to spend the rest of his life in prison.
Taking back mysterious as it may be in thought Moore the author was reflecting, some of us can relate to that time he was growing up among our own peers with pressure from our streets and classmates in rooms of education if any for some in those urban neighborhoods. With a family of five including mother, father and two other sister’s one named Nikki who is the oldest and then there’s Shani the baby girl. Wow Moore just reflecting first on starting out as a boy child having a father figure in the black community actually isn’t a give me unfortunate when thinking of the other Wes. Though short as it may have been for Moore with his father sudden death, there were his grandparents with grandfather being a man of the

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