Compare And Contrast The UCR And NCVS Report

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Compare and Contrast the UCR and NCVS Report

Review of the UCR and NCVS Report

Bridget L. Carr

Violence in the US CRM 3503-501

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The UCR is also called Uniform Crime Report is a recording system that is provided by the Federal Bureau of investigation and the purpose for the UCR is to help law enforcement agencies to exchange information about reported crime (Meadows. PG 4). The NCVS, also known as National Crime Victimization is another source of victimization data and it also helps law enforcement to collect information about the victim and it tracks the crime of rape, robbery, assault, and larceny crimes.
The Uniform Crime Report and the National Crime Victimization survey are similar in creating data for crime and aim to be accurate as possible and they both are valuable in helping with crime statics. The UCR reports crime and the NCVS aim to look for unreported crimes. However, the purpose of the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) reports to law enforcement agencies accordingly to our textbook (Understanding violence and Victimization, Meadows, Robert-6th ed. P. 3). It helps to enable law enforcement to exchange information about different crimes on a nationwide system, but there is certain information that would not be available because crimes are only reported to

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