Essay on The Three Major Crime Reporting Systems

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Uniform Crime reports, National Incident Based Reporting System and the National Crime Reporting Survey are all major crime reporting systems here in the U.S. Each crime reporting system has its own advantage and disadvantage towards the criminals and victims as well as the law enforcement involved. Each has a unique history on how it started and when, how it became as popular of a system as it is now and will it keep growing or will it one day start to fade into the background while other reporting systems take its place. Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) include official information about criminal events that has been provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the law enforcement agencies that the said crime was first …show more content…
(U.S. Department of Justice) The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) has the same base idea as the UCR, the biggest difference is that the NIBRS is more updated and accurate, as well as it provides a lot more detail in its reporting than the UCR. For example the number of offenses made by one person are not limited when reporting and collecting data. Detail on each and every crime is reported, as well as the report making note of the difference of attempting and completing crimes. Not only can citizens still locate and identify crimes made in a certain neighborhood or area but they can also get accurate specific detail on the criminal events. One of the only disadvantages of NIBRS is that the statistics in the reports will not be completely current because there are some criminal events that will not get submitted until the next month, so some of the accurate information is a month delayed. (U.S. Department of Justice) The National Crime victimization Survey (NCVS) collects personal and household criminal data by a consistent ongoing survey. This program is useful for showing how many crimes happened that may have not have been reported to the police. Victims and criminals are a lot more likely to admit to a survey of criminal events that happened rather than to the police themselves. Unlike UCR and NIBRS, NCVS does not include detailed information nor does it provide any specific
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