Compare And Contrast Wes Moore

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G. Stanley Hall once said “Man is largely a creature of habit, and his activities are more or less automatic reflexes from the stimuli of his environment.”. This quote from the late psychologist speaks volumes to the question: “Are we all products of our environment?” and to both of the Wes Moores. Both started their lives in Baltimore which was a very difficult place to grow up in at the time. Both didn’t have a father in their life. Although they started on equal grounds why did one get sentenced to life in prison and the other become a Rhodes Scholar and become one of the youngest officers in the entire U.S. Army? I believe that we are all products of our environment because of who we look up to, how we are houses are run, and the environment we live in.
Some of the habits we make occur because those who we look up to have them as well. In other words monkey see monkey do. This is directly true for the Baltimore Wes Moore. Wes had his older half brother Tony to look up to, which is typical for any younger brother to do. Tony though was not the best person to look up to, he was becoming a big name in drug dealing by the time Wes was eight years old. Every time Wes came to a crossroads in his life he always wanted to be like Tony and would take the road that would make him more like Tony. It was never Tony’s intention to get him in the drug game he in fact he says “How many times do I have to tell you to leave this stuff alone, man?” (Moore 70) referring to the time when

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