Compare And Contrast Whale Talk And Stand By Me

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Comparison Essay
Success is a weird word. Sometimes you spend your whole life trying to find it and sometimes you’re just plain lucky enough to have it already. Success is never given, it’s earned by the ones who deserve it most. But what is it that helps strive people to the end? Does the end even matter? In life, people are sent on journeys to not only finish, but to experience every little thing along the path. In other words, life is about the journey and not the destination. In both Whale Talk and Stand by Me, characters find meaning for their lives by enduring the hard times, pouring themselves into relationships with other people and staying true to their own systems of belief.
In both Whale Talk and Stand by Me, young misfits find a group of people that make them feel safe and at home. In Whale Talk, T.J Jones is an adopted boy, but his true family members are not the ones who adopted him. T.J finds his family within the swim team he takes part in. Chris Coughlin, Andy Mott, Jackie Craig, Dan Hole are many of T.J’s newfound family members that allow him to feel safe. In the book, family isn’t about DNA, it’s about who and what feels right. “They may not be brother’s but they came out from under the same rock, which means if you’re messing with one of ‘em, you’re messing with the other.” (Crutcher 199) Biological family never meant a thing to any of the characters in the book. Friends mean family and no one can do them wrong. In Stand by Me, Gordie Lachance was a

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