Compare And Contrast Wilfred Owen And Anthem For Doomed Youth

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How is the perception of war depicted by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon similar and to what extend? It is known that the First World War was one of the most lethal conflicts in history. Attack a poem written by S. Sasson and Anthem for Doomed youth written by W. Owen are both poems that touch on the sensitive topic that is the War and its hidden veracities that manifests in various forms. Not only were both of the writers inspired by the same matter, but they were in fact, friends. This is very important because similarities are established within the two poems, as one inspired the other as a form of therapy from the consequences of the war on mental health. The writers through their talent uniquely incorporate their viewpoints and personal experiences that is ultimately projected onto their poems, whilst still maintaining a level of resemblance from one another. Sassoon and Owen were both army officers and had firsthand experiences in the trench warfare and the mayhem occurring around them. With the dreadful sight of their comrades losing their lives one by one, no wonder Owen was later diagnosed and hospitalized due to shell shock or now referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder, which led to them meeting for the first time. When it came to writing poems, Sassoon was Owen's mentor and the reason he got into writing in the first place. Sassoon's poem Attack talks more about the casualties and portrays the nonsensical act and true nature of the war, while Owen
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