Essay On In Flanders Fields

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War essay
In war ,many terrible tragedies occur, leaving many people scarred and in grief and who can never forget the nightmare of war.This paper will discuss“ In, Flanders fields by John Mccrae’s,Dulce et Decorum EST by Wilfred Owen and I sing of Olaf glad and big by ee cummings.This paper will be discussing the different points of views that poets have about war and how it shapes our own opinion ,of it because none of us have experienced war firsthand and have only heard about the nightmare from those who have survived and lived to tell us their story.

John McCrae's idea of war is that it's like a game or sport .He writes about “The torch , be yours to hold high” in line 12 .This image is like in the Olympics, where people are carrying the torch in celebration.He feels that by recruiting more people to war and telling them that it's an honor to die for their country, then there will be a bigger chance for victory. when really it's hell and something that can't be forgotten no matter how hard the person tries . While in Wilfred Owen's poem, he talks all about the horrors of war that people have seen and how they can never forget it. For instance, when the poet is talking about the gas attack, he describes the person that couldn’t get the mask on how he
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