Compare The Speckled Band, The Red Headed League and Silver Blaze as Examples of Detective Fiction

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The birth of classic detective fiction was originated just in the mid nineteenth century, and was producing its own genre. Classical detective fiction follows a set of rules called the ‘Ten commandments of detective fiction’. The genre is so popular it can bee seen by the number of sales in any good book stores. Many of these books have been created a long time ago and there is still a demand for these types of books. The popularity is still ongoing because it provides constant entertainment, and also the reader can also have a role of detective trying to solve the crime/case committed. Classical detective fiction has a formula, the detective story starts with a seemingly irresolvable mystery, typically a murder, features the astute,…show more content…
This makes the reader feel hooked already as it is unique. The atmosphere created there is curiosity because the reader wants to know why it is an “extraordinary case”. Clues are important in a detective story because it leads to the crime and the detective can solve the crime also the readers can have a go on playing detective if desired to solve the crime. There are two types of clue in a detective fiction, one of them is a real clue which actually leads to solving the crime and the other is a Red-Herring which is a false clue and would not lead to solving the crime. Clues are important to the story because the detective and the reader would have some knowledge on what had happened and how it relates to solving the crime. Here are some real clue example from the “Silver Blaze” clues were the dish that was served to the stable boy and the kind of knife in the dead man's hand (Silver Blaze). The significance is that this leads to solving the crime. An example for a Red-Herring is the gypsies from the read headed league. The significance is that this is a completely false clue and it will keep the readers interacted with the story so that they can keep guessing or trying to find the solution on how to solve the crime. It is almost impossible for the reader to work out the crime if

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