Compare Wilfred Owen And Brooke

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Good afternoon members of the Australian English literature society, I’m so thankful and privileged to be here today. Throughout many centuries, we have seen the devastation and heartache brought into our lives by the continuous negativity and hate surrounding vicious war attacks. Today I am here to give you an insight into the way that poets through history have used war as a meaningful way source of literature to change and influence the lives of others. The poets in which we will be looking at, are Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke.
Owen and Brooke were both poets writing during the First World War with poems containing the themes of war. They both have very different perspectives on the topic. In both Owen’s poems Dulce et decorum Est and insensibility, he highlights the horror and terrifying experiences seen in first hand from his own experience of being a soldier of war. Both these poems give the reader a sense of fear and unfamiliarly by explaining the pain and suffering endured throughout the war. He also expresses his own feelings about how dying at war for your country is not as honourable and glorious as it seems , he believes that no matter the cause of a soldiers death , it’s very painful and disheartening to all those around.
While on the other hand in Brooke’s poem, The Soldier gives off the impression that dying in war and battle for one’s country is a very honourable and glorious time. A belief that can be seen in Brookes poem is that he believes it is a

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