Compare and Contrast Hebrews, James, and 1 Peter

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The final eight epistles of the New Testament canon exert an influence out of proportion to their length. They complement the thirteen Pauline Epistles by offering varying perspectives on the richness of Christian truth. Each of the five authors – James, Peter, John, Jude, and the author of Hebrews – made a distinctive contribution from his own point of view. Like the four harmonizing approaches to the life of Christ portrayed in the Gospels, these writers provide a sweeping portrait of the Christian life as a whole and how it should be lived out. Although Paul’s epistles are excellent, the New Testament revelation after Acts would be severely limited by one apostle’s perspective had the writing of these five men been neglected. The …show more content…

63, right before the outbreak of Nero’s persecution of Christians in A.D. 64. The overall theme of Hebrews is the greatness of Christ or His superiority, and that of Christianity to the Old Testament covenant. The author seeks to demonstrate his purpose by giving the reader five significant ways in which Christ is superior or better. As the Son, He is: superior to the Old Testament prophets

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