Comparing Ancient Egypt And Mesopotami Similarities And Differences

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Mesopotamia and Egypt: The two civilizations flourishing alongside rivers.
By David Jiménez

Ancient civilizations have been a great reference of the origins of life as it is nowadays. Major civilizations that have flourished throughout history have been very different but alike in many ways; as we can clearly see with ancient civilizations Egypt and Mesopotamia. Similarities and differences were multiple among these two civilizations, however the most noticeable aspects to contrast them are through their social organization, Literature and Culture, as well as their economies and interactions with other civilizations. This is not a sign of weakness or superiority among one another, but a sign of great development of two major culture. Mesopotamia and Egypt were both socially structured from patriarchal families and elitist governments, both possessed great architectural forms to show hierarchies and , yet there was a wider range of overcoming social classes in Egyptian society (especially for commoners) and a contrast from a central government to a city-state regulation system. Similarities in literature and culture were really abundant between this two civilizations; coming from writing systems of similar structures (cuneiform and hieroglyphics) and polytheistic religious views, they differed in record keeping ways and practices in religious afterlife processes. Trade was a main aspect for both civilizations and it was a major point of convergence between the two as they

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