Comparing Beowulf And The Anglo Saxon Era

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Hannah Bennett Mrs.Billingsly English IV 10 September 2015 Loyalty in the Three Battles During the Anglo Saxon era the epic poem, Beowulf, displayed many themes. Beowulf and the Anglo Saxon culture are alike in multiple ways, one of them is being loyal through hardships. “In Anglo-Saxon culture and literatures, the characteristics of a hero are to be bold, strong, fearless, loyal and showing indifference to pain” (Lam). Beowulf showed all of these amazing qualities throughout the poem. There was never an instance where he wanted to give up and let his people down. He The most compelling of these themes is, Beowulf and the three battles he fought. Beowulf fought in unarmed combat with the dreaded Grendel, defeated the monster’s mother and then lived to courageously battle the dragon that finally defeated him in the end. Imagine facing your biggest enemy without any weapons and stepping into a battle when nobody else would while facing a blood thirsty monster. This is exactly what Beowulf the Geatish warrior did whenever he was summoned by King Hrothgar to defeat the mighty, Grendel. Beowulf firmly states, “I will not shift a foot” (Beowulf 2524). Beowulf is determined to stand his ground and never give up. He believes in himself. Loyalty is what drove Beowulf to do the unthinkable. It was the emotion inside of him that provided the ability to defeat Grendel when they are called together to battle: “They have seen my strength for themselves,/ Have watched me rise from the

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