Comparing Bob Marley's Life And Music

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Bob Marley Music is life, music is value, music means everything to race, family & nation. All of that can get to the soul, saving peoples life even. Bob Marley gave us all of that, he was an inspiration to everybody. Gaining confidence while giving it. He was unique with his music, taking words from the streets he was from while focusing on the difficulties of black people worldwide. This man gave us confidence and got us to look at the world in a different way and that right there is why we should recognize Bob Marley for everything he done. Bob would forever remain the unique product, with his poetic worldview as well as his music by the tough ghetto streets. His overnight smash played an important role in Jamaican music circles. Which made it possible for him to write raw for and about people of the west Indian slums. In 1970 Marley’s ongoing distillation of reggae forms blossomed into and electrifying rock – influenced many people that made him an international superstar. Bob understood that reggae absorbed all other influences and he …show more content…

That music alone can be called real which comes from the harmony of the soul, when it comes from its true source it must appeal to all souls. It means most to souls of races, nations and families. Which today are apart but someday be united,” says Bob Marley. Bob influenced performers to this very day, changing the way music is made and listened to. Also, while he was excelling not just instrumental but as well as his vocal style. Because of this we can’t compare Marley to other figures. His actions did sometimes cause him to be feared, but bob cares about love and love alone. Marley wrote his lyrics to a steely perfection with use of words off the streets. Which affected lots of peoples lives. Today his words can be related to and understood by people anywhere who suffer &

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