Comparing Early American Colonies Essay

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The beginning of the Americas America was a place for dreams, a new beginning, religious freedom and rights. For the people of Europe the Americas was a place to prosper, worship in there own way, and expand there kingdoms. The only problem is that they attempted to settle in their own way and all failed dismally. The New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern Colonies grew differently in various ways, but each with the same state of mind, “do it our way”. Examining the three sets of colonies will prove that they were all different in religion, government, and ways of expansion. New England was started for the search of religious freedom from persecution. England’s government required a strict attendance to the Anglican church. If a …show more content…

,a puritan nobleman, convinced Thomas Hooker, a minister, to lead congrats to this location. As more and more groups followed Connecticut was established in 1636. They were without a charter, thus deciding upon a policy called Fundamental orders of Connecticut. This such government resembled the one of Massachusetts, they would elect governors, only one year at a time. As for religion puritism was the only know one at the time. As the population was growing and new settlers would arrive the colony had to stretch its boundaries. This in turn deteriorated there relations with the natives. Justifying there expropriation of the natives land was considered “ Vacuum Domicilium”. Threw there eyes the natives weren’t using the land to its fullest potential, they were wasting profitable land. As for Massachusetts first year times were rough. The first year over 700 women, men, and children arrived here, but 200 died by the fall of winter. Luckily 12,000 people migrated to Massachusetts in the 1630’s. From king Charles I, Massachusetts obtained a charter to colonize. The people were Calvinists, governing them was a system run by a government based entirely on a godly common wealth. Government was 18 “assistance” elected by “freemen” who meet in a general assembly where people voted on the code. The towns people where the ones who elected these “freemen”. The code was know as Laws and liberties of Massachusetts. The Mid-Atlantic Colonies were started also as

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