Natural And Moral Liberty By John Winthrop

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Introduction. The new boundaries and opportunities in the seventeenth century grew and challenged an idea of religious liberty. The lifestyle of the first colonists in the New England was heavily influenced by religion and church. Settlers considered that success of social life depends on the obedience to God’s will. The governor John Winthrop maintained and developed this idea. With a help of his Speech to the Massachusetts General Court in 1645, he summed up and explained an important idea of liberty. Winthrop did not only define a blessed way for a better life of the community but also clarified the role of citizens through the analogy of women’s position in the society. His concept of natural and moral liberty turned up to be suitable and clear for the settlers. With a help of well-built speech, Winthrop emphasized and explained correlation among society, authority, and God in the New World.
Natural and Moral Liberty. In the seventeenth century, John Winthrop represented himself as a wise and glorious politician. He focused people’s attention on his speech in 1645 when started it with an idea of liberty. The tension between authority and freedom inspired …show more content…

In the next part of the speech, Winthrop illustrated a position of women in society. It was not a secret that the seventeenth century was a men’s world. According to law and social order, women could not vote or have a possession. Consequently, the majority of women were housewives and had secondary roles after their husband, father or brothers. However, in spite of this miserable positions Winthrop showed that women still had some choice, “the woman’s own choice makes such a man her husband; yet, being so chosen, he is her lord” (Foner 31). It is similar how Christians choose their Savior. Thus, Winthrop pointed out, “she is to be subject to him” (Foner 31). In another word women’s role in the community was invisible and slightest disobedience was severely

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