Comparing Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, And Stuff

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Although Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff is written in Stuff’s (Francis) perspective, we learn more about Clyde than Stuff. Stuff, the new guy who moved into the street, met his three comrades, Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and Gloria. Clyde is the one that is mostly talked about in the story. In the story, it expresses that “Clyde-that was the kid’s name-turned to me and spoke in a very calm voice.” It elucidates that Clyde is a calm mannered person when talking about something very serious. Clyde is known as pacifist, someone who doesn’t fight. In the book, Clyde said, “We don’t want binky to lose the fight, but we don’t want to get into a whole big fighting either, you know.” It declared that Clyde doesn’t want Binky to lose the fight, but

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