Similarities Between Victor And The Monster

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Gavin Cox
Mrs. Schroder
English 4
Similarities between Victor and his Monster
In the book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the author illustrates similarities between both Victor and the Monster he creates. She draws parallels between the two regarding their feelings on family, nature, on exacting revenge, and how they both become isolated from society. Both are able to demonstrate extreme intelligence. As the novel progresses, Victor and the Monster become more similar to each other. Their relationship turns to one in which each is consumed with getting revenge on the other at all costs.
Throughout the entire book, it becomes obvious that family is important to both Victor and the Monster. Victor greatly values his family and …show more content…

He lives in both forests and in the freezing cold of the glacier at Montanvert. He finds safety and comfort when in the presence of nature.
Victor and the Monster are extremely intelligent. Victor was a master in the sciences and in alchemy, which allowed him to be able to create a living human being out of disposed body parts. He delighted in studying under M. Krempe, a professor of natural philosophy, and M. Waldman, a professor of chemistry. He was gifted in being able to use his eloquence to convince people to do things. This was demonstrated when he was able to persuade the men on Walton’s ship not to perform a mutiny, but rather to be proud at successfully being able to break through the ice instead of giving up and turning around. The Monster proves his intelligence when he learns to speak French and learns human sensitivity just by observing the De Lacey family. He is then able to read notes that Victor wrote which were shoved in Victor’s jacket pocket, as well as the Paradise Lost book that he found. He discovers fire and its ability to both cook and to burn. The Monster is smart enough to be able to hide from society and to also evade Victor when Victor is hunting him down for revenge. The Monster is eloquent, like Victor, and is able to convince Victor for a short time that making a female monster would be a compassionate thing to do.
Victor and the Monster are both isolated from society. Both were abandoned early by a

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