Comparing Henry John Mccandless And Henry David Thoreau And Chris Mccandless

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Henry David Thoreau and Chris McCandless, although both very similar, are thought of in very contrasting ways. While one is praised for his expert ideas and philosophical novels, the other is ridiculed for his impulsivity and stubbornness. Henry David Thoreau, a poet, journalist, and environmentalist, was dissatisfied by the way people threw away their lives by focusing on irrelevant details. By going to the woods, he wished to find himself and free himself from a superficial life, while living only for the essentialities of life. Chris McCandless, although also diving into the wilderness for self exploration, had other less philosophical reasonings for his endeavours. He was not only impulsive and stubborn, but he also had an overpowering sense of adventure that lead him to do many life-threatening things. Both people differed on many moral stand points, but at times their motivations came together with similarities. In the books Into the Wild and Walden, a point of comparison is Thoreau and McCandless' belief in self reliance, a point of contrast is Thoreau's belief that in order to live his fullest life, he could only live by what was strictly essential, while McCandless believed that in order to live his fullest life he had to be able to live for himself rather than others, and the last point of comparison is both of their desires to rid themselves of materialistic and superficial things to simplify their lives.
Henry David Thoreau heavily believed in the idea of self

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