Comparing Home Alone And Ransom Of Red Chief

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Home Alone and Ransom of Red Chief have the same theme, “Don’t underestimate your opponent”.In Ransom of Red Chief, the author states, “Bill and me figured that we could shake down Ebenezer was an easy for a ransom of two thousand dollars to the last cent.” This illustrates that Bill and Sam thought Ebenezer was an easy target, but what really happened was, “I should have been taking fifteen hundred dollars from the boy underneath the tree. Instead, Bill was counting out two hundred and fifty dollars into Dorset’s hand. ” In the movie, Home Alone, Marv and Harry think it will be easy to rob the house even if Kevin’s there cause he’s a kid, but Kevin outsmarted them and set traps around the house to keep them at bay. This shows that the two criminals thought Kevin wouldn’t be a threat, but Kevin was better than expected. The characters from Ransom of Red Chief and Home Alone have similar traits. Both Red Chief and Kevin are skilled. In Ransom of Red Chief, page 63 says, “The boy hits Bill square in the eye with a piece of brick” This means Red Chief was a good shot and could defend himself. Kevin was also skillful because he set traps in the house. This proves Kevin has skills to take household items and quickly turn them into traps. The criminals from Ransom of Red Chief and Home Alone have the trait of cruel. On page 61 of Ransom of Red Chief, the article reads, “We were down South, in Alabama-Bill Driscoll and myself-when we thought of this kidnapping idea.” This shows
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