Comparing John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of Mice and Men, novella written by a Pulitzer Prize winning American author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937. Tells you about the life of two migrant workers who go job to job searching for better job opportunities during the Great Depression in California. Two main character when the novella starts in George Milton and Lennie Small, George Milton was an intelligent, smart, confident man while on the other hand Lennie Smalls was a man of great form with metal abilities. Takes place thru various locations and Ranches they worked at and is an interesting story of two migrant workers and their journey to find success in life than being working for someone else.
Of Mice and Men has a list of times being or getting banned but also has a list of time that it requires to be read in schools. Of Mice and Men has and gets censored for it’s vulgar, offensive or now known as racial words and language. Steinbeck wrote this story with great intent that sometimes has language understood as vulgar or offensive to some people, If this novella was to be banned students will not get an real …show more content…

One important life lesson is that we are responsible for the ones we love. This novella “Of Mice and Men” gets banned over and over because of vulgar and offensive language and profanity, the use of word “nigger,” is constantly meant to anyone of the characters in the novella and how they treat the mental issued person is like how you would tell someone a joke and laugh it off. Audience thinks that this novella should be banned because how people are treated and how there’s unnecessary violence and also the way characters are killed. Lennie does kill a women but had no intention of doing it. George is frustrated how Lennie is acting and how his actions are affecting him and others. George decides to take action and kill Lennie for no legit reason before the others punish

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