Comparing Lean And Six Sigma Alpha Sigma

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Resubmit question 2. Contrast and compare lean and six sigma sigma teams. You may want to consult your Six sigma Sigma textbook (The Six sigma Sigma Black Belt Handbook by McCarty, Daniels, Bremer and]] [Gupta) since it contains extended discussions about these teams. Thinks of what skills team members need to have, how the teams are organized, what kind of problems they solve. For instance, lean teams may solve sporadic problem while six sigma sigma team may solve chronic problems that may not be obvious and require deeper analysis, etc. Elaborate properly and make sure you do not copy and paste statements form the book even when you add the source.
As a management system six sigma permeates all aspects of an organization. Many of those who have had the opportunity to participate in six sigma projects have experienced the transformation of six sigma principle and concepts into the fabric of the management system of the companies in which they are employed by witnessing improvements that will have continuous, long term influences within the company. This is accomplished by creating alignment within the company leadership. Six sigma offers a way of thinking that facilitates improvement by reducing the amount of variation in each process. Statistical tools are used to provide insight so that management can predetermine process outcomes. It also provide a method to analyze a process to determine areas of possible improvement.
Both lean team and six sigma team are process

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