Comparing Lisabeth Zwerger, Leonard Weisgard, And John Vernon Lord

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Three major artists who were influenced by Dodgson’s novels were Lisabeth Zwerger, Leonard Weisgard, and John Vernon Lord. Lisabeth Zwerger’s artwork was published in 1999, and it is said that they are inventive, irreverent, and tenderly. Maria Popova says “What makes Zwerger’s aesthetic particularly bewitching is her ability to render even the wildest feats of fancy in a soft and subdued style that tickles the imagination into animating the characters and scenes with life.” The second artist that created beautiful artwork based off of “Alice in Wonderland” was Leonard Weisgard. His artwork was different than Zwerger’s because he used bright vibrant colors. Popova says “The vibrant, textured artwork exudes a certain mid-century boldness that

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