Comparing Martian Colonies With The Mars Colony In Schiaparelli Crater

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Comparing and Contrasting Martian Colonies with the Mars Colony in Schiaparelli Crater Forming a society on an inhospitable, deserted, and entirely hostile planet was far from being an easy goal. Everyone presented their plan to colonize Mars, but no one had a perfect plan. There was always a spot where a difference was notable, such as the decision of bringing frozen human embryos. The Martian, a movie that was about surviving the Red Planet, also showed notable unique features in the habitat. However, by analyzing the differences of these colonies, combining ideas could have lead to a very efficient colony. Thus, Mars could have been the start of human expansion throughout the solar system. One colonization idea was called Norwood, a colony that settled in Gusev Crater. The Mars Colony in Schiaparelli Crater did have similarities with Norwood, but differences were also notable. Most of these differences were because of different colonization purposes. Both Norwood and Schiaparelli settled in craters for extra protection from dust devils and other native storms that could cause damage to our colony. Knowing that equality among society could only go a certain level, having a financial system was very important. However, because starting a new colony was more than difficult, having a simple financial system was the best route to go. This is why the simple John Smith’s “no work, no eat” financial system at Jamestown was what both Norwood and Schiaparelli used. Equally

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