Comparing Merwin And Piercy's Essay

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Despite living in a solemn society of despair and disillusionment, people find ways to see the light from the listless darkness. In many poems, authors write about the distinct world of happiness and freedom; however, not all of the poems explore the meaning of life deeply enough. In W.S. Merwin’s traditional verse poem, “Thanks”, Merwin strives to address the significance of gratitude through his proper diction and detailed sensory imagery. Likewise, Marge Piercy, the strong, independent feminist, who also wrote an inspiring poem “To be of use”, emphasizes the hard work that is unappreciated in the world. Although Merwin and Piercy consider the power of gratitude as a necessary life essential for positive outlooks and self-confidence, Merwin’s patterns of imagery and symbolism points to a painful price for the rediscovery of self-worth, while Piercy emphasizes the happiness that the world contains. W.S. Merwin, the man known for his intricate style of …show more content…

Imagery sets the mood, which affects the readers’ minds as they read. The vivid sensory details and variety of connotation leads to multiple emotions. In Piercy’s poem, similes control the story, taking the readers on a sensory journey as it intensifies the meaning behind the idea. The structure “[makes] a pattern of chaos” (Kort-10) that is able to tie back to a richer meaning. However, in Merwin’s poem, there is not as many whimsical connection to sentences. Rather it has a “deeply introspective volume” (Bosewell-2) that helps intensify the meaning behind each line. Conversely, Merwin does work will melancholy sound devices that relate back to the serious subject. This ideas separates Merwin’s work since he wanted to “[develop] a different style”( Bosewell-2) which shows through his thorough topic descriptions. Nevertheless, the depth is still shown through the complex comparison between the prodigious world and the opulent

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