Comparing Nietzsche And Religion

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Friedrich Nietzsche was an intelligent 18th century German philosopher. He based a lot of his works on morality, capability and theory. One of the main reasons why the weak succeeded at various times regarding magnificent victories was their strong inability to not take things of significance serious for long periods of time. To him, human morality prevents man from obtaining the maximum potential of their powers. The Christian religion is ancient times projected in our times from remote prehistory. The sad conclusion that Christianity has been believed by billions of people is almost ludicrous to say the least. Any God who can beget children with a terminal woman, then in return force his followers to consume his blood is one of the most gruesome blind following practices ever invented in our…show more content…
The brainwashed condition of our society is by the boat loads. If we were to ask a lot of religious people specifically Christians why do they follow this religion, they will simply reply this is the religion of my parents or grandparents. No matter if a person whole heartedly adheres to these teachings in their heart, somehow there is an inkling duty to carry out this tradition of calling other to these teachings. When I am faced with all these facts, there is no doubt to conclude that Nietzsche views and philosophy are indeed correct. When we look at the Christian faith, we can’t help to think why are there so many versions of their book. There is no concrete original state of the bible as it has been written over countless times by men. The bible was never written in the days of Jesus but, compiled hundreds of years after Jesus died. How are people who wasn’t even alive during the timeframe of Jesus know so much about his life and purpose? These questions are very relevant today but, very few have supportive answers just simply their own explanation as to why. There is also the notion that
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