Comparing Pagan Romans And Christians Essay

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Pagan Romans and Christians in the 2nd & 3rd C.E. Introduction: What relationship did the Christians and Pagan Romans have with one another? Explain emperor Nero, and his part in how the persecutions began on a higher level. Glimpse of some of the accusations Christians went under. B. Introduce Primary source Pliny and his letter to Trajan. Explain the reason this letter relates to the relationship of the Christians and Pagan Romans. C. Thesis: The Christians faced tumultuous, and massive amounts of hardships in the 2nd and 3rd C.E, through looking at the primary source of Pliny the Younger letters to Emperor Trajan, and multiple other historical accounts. It is clear that the Pagan Romans and Christians had a rocky relationship with one another, filled with accusations, persecutions, torture, and bewilderment of the Pagan Romans View on the Christians. II. Pliny’s Letter to Emperor Trajan (Primary Source): What this letter said and interpretation. Pliny found himself confronted with the problem of what to do with the numbers of Christians in his area. Pliny’s confusion of whether to be tolerant or intolerant to the Christians. Talk about Trajan’s reply to Pliny. his advice, he uses his set of rules of due process and penalties to those who are accused of false accusations and punishes them. Trajan’s policies are carried on for centuries. B. Expand on the views and beliefs of people similar to Pliny’s View. During the Late Antiquity and

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