Comparing Perspectives On Humanity Within The Ideal Society Essay

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Comparing Perspectives on Humanity Within the Ideal Society
The role of a political theorist concerns itself with the conception of theories aimed at combatting various plights of humankind, effectively weighing the risks and rewards that come with each proposed change. Both Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau were social contract theorists that played instrumental roles in the creation of a Sovereign body aimed at assisting in the betterment of humanity. Both philosophers recognize the necessity of a central authority, though each justify its creation with predominantly different approaches. The creation of the Leviathan aided in the establishment of political theory as a stand-alone scientific body of study, while the Social Contract attempts to address the failings of humanity resulting from the introduction of the concept of society and its development. While Hobbes and Rousseau both aspire to bring humans together within a harmonious environment, differing beliefs regarding the intrinsic nature of humans and the function of the Sovereign inhibits their philosophies from meeting in agreement in pursuit of the just society they envision.
Many philosophers attempt to explain the nature of humankind with divergent theories. Hobbes belief that humans are both intrinsically evil and self-centered acts in stark contrast with that of Rousseau. His belief insists that at birth, humans are morally vacant. If the natural state of humankind inevitably leads to conflict, and

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