Compare And Contrast John Locke And Jean Jacque Rousseau

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Great Philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean –Jacque Rousseau had been deeply concerned about the Social Contract Theories on the people. The main theories include safety, security, equal rights and have an organised society without any foreign interference. The use of non-violence and war against mankind. Society as a whole was the main priority for all these three philosophers. Both John Locke and Jean-Jacque Rousseau had different views when compared to Thomas Hobbes on Society. Each of these men had their own theories on how to protect the rights of human beings. John Locke and Jean-Jacque Rousseau have better ideas than Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes believed that only a true and clean government can rule the people and protect their…show more content…
In the region, some of the people act in their own interest and not taking into consideration of the society. He says that this will lead to war among countries and there will be no morality in the society. There will be fear among the people and this is not a free way to live in a society. People should give up violence so that a free way to live will be present in the society. John Locke says that the law will be enforced on its own, in order to control violence and have an organised society. In such an act the safety and security will be guaranteed. By doing so the entire population is benefited and protected. His main view is that law and order is imposed on its own people so that war is…show more content…
Society becomes corrupt and there will be violence and as a result will lead to revolution in the society. Rousseau believes in a direct democracy. These views will not be successful because good ideas will be hard to accomplish because of practical difficulties of the people living in the society. Rousseau says that a section of the society will provide certain types of jobs to their own relations and friends. This will create partiality and deprive the talented ones.
Hobbes views is very practical about the nature of man. Society needs to be protected and the state can ensure this by using force. Locke says that can be avoided by man living together in peace and there should be an elected person on behalf of the society. If this fails, then the leader should step down. He says that the elected leader and the society should work together for a common goal. In a such a case the state must not dominate and they must be more active with the society. Rousseau clearly says that all men should give up their absolute freedom for the common good and welfare of the
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