Comparing Plato 's The Republic

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What mix of traits creates the perfect ruler? Some may say charisma, personability, or even good looks. Throughout history, a plethora of leaders with different views have been successful for many different kinds of societies. Depending on what the society needs, rulers change their ways as well as do what they can for the good of their people. In Plato’s The Republic, the character Socrates argues with his peers about what makes the perfect society, as well as the perfect leader. According to Plato, the wisest choice for a ruler in a near perfect society is a philosopher, containing multiple important attributes. A wide variety of characteristics are covered, yet Plato seems to focus in on several key foundations. Plato’s views on essential traits of a philosopher focus on the necessity of truth and thirst for knowledge. Perhaps the most important trait of a philosopher is the ability to learn. This trait is important because if it pains a philosopher to learn, they can’t be expected to enjoy it or have much success (486 c). The idea of constantly wanting more knowledge is abundant. Plato often states that a yearning for knowledge will come at a young age, and that it won’t be easy (485 d). Searching for knowledge is a lifelong commitment that takes dedication and persistence. He also gives a counter example while talking about the timarchic character as well as the oligarchic society. Due to an imperfect education, the timarchic leader will have inner conflict when it
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