Comparing Songs Of Innocence And Songs Of Experience, The Songs, By William Blake

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Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, the Songs, by William Blake, has many underlying themes, one of which is duality. Duality is the opposing of two sides of the same whole. In this case, the two sides are innocence and experience. Innocence does not necessarily mean ignorance. In the Songs, the first half is Songs of Innocence and these poems seem to be very uplifting. In each poem the subject or narrator is happy because they are childlike and experiencing everything for the first time, or have yet to experience the evil associated with it. They are in a state of purity or good. Innocence, in the sense of the text, is being like a newborn. It is a state of being where the experience is not spoiled by age and the negativity of the mind and world. The second half of the Songs, is Songs of Experience. In this half, the narrator or subject is experiencing similar things as in Songs of Innocence but their mind is spoiled by negativity and their expectations from previous experiences. They are in a state of darkness or evil. At a superficial glance, one will walk away with the impression that one can either have innocence or experience, but not both. However, this is not the case, when digging deeper into the text and meaning, the duality of the human soul is having both innocence and experience at the same time. The organization of Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience proposes that there are two sides to the human soul, just as there are two sides to the text

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