Comparing The Cafe And Cafe Style Businesses

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One base characteristic that competing coffeehouse and café style businesses can use to increase marketing success is good quality. Presenting high quality and consequently being an organization associated with high quality is broadly argued to improve customer opinion, customer return rates, pricing of products, and profitability for a business (Angrisani, 2013; Chao-Hua & Hsien-Bin, 2014; Morrisson & Zmuda, 2012; Odesser-Torpey, 2013; Russell, 2013). Within the set of literature that advocates the use of quality, two main strategies can be identified. Having superior products is one and providing improved interaction is the other. The first set of writers discussed various ways in which superior quality products benefit a business’s success. Russell (2013), Odesser-Torpey (2013), Morrisson, and Zmuda (2012) all argued that investment into merchandise quality effectively improved business performance. Russell (2013) and Odesser-Torpey (2013), active trade publication writers, both agreed with this stance and claimed that achieving quality would be best done through focusing on a few main traits. Russell (2013) emphasized the usage of fresh and premium ingredients in coffeehouse products. He explained how higher levels of quality is essential to lure in and keep customers over time (Russell, 2013). Odesser-Torpey (2013) on the other hand, while also mentioning freshness and quality, explained how adding sophisticated, pleasant looking, and well-designed products could

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