Comparing The Conquest Of Gola

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Contrasting this is “The Conquest of Gola”. In Gola’s (or Venus’s) society, roles are reversed. The women are in charge and running things fairly smoothly considering. It is a utopian society, with the planet and its people surviving despite countless invasion attempts by the Dextalans (or Earthlings). The men, however, are disregarded as good for only show and reproduction. While often women run societies are considered broken and unattainable, or something that doesn’t work, the Golan women have shown that this is not the case. According to the narrator of the story, “Long ago we, too, might have gone on exploring expeditions to other worlds, other universes, but for what? Are we not happy here? We who have attained the greatest of civilizations within the confines of our own silvery world…” (Evans & Stone, 98). The Golans are practically at a golden age of their world. They have advanced far past that of humanity, having generations worth of technology and knowledge to fall back on. Their society thrives to the point it isn’t much of a surprise to see their arrogance towards the Dextalans. Not only did these women show their strength in combat, they’ve driven them back long enough that only the narrator, the current ruler, remembers the invasion. Interestingly enough, working matriarchal societies isn’t fiction. According to the article titled “Gender Roles”, the Tchambali culture of New Guinea features women doing the typical work of a man, such as running their society,
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