Comparing The East Egg Vs. The West Egg

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The East Egg, sticking off of New York, symbolizes extraordinary riches, delving its owners into lack of concern. The people living there are for the most part of “old money” and they appear to be uncertain of what they ought to with their life. One of the East Eggers asks, "What do people plan?" . for many of those who live there, they plan nothing, but prefer "lying on that sofa aslong as they can remember." also have an aura of frivolousness about them, such asJordan, who is "incurably dishonest", and Daisy, whose "voice is full of money". The West Egg speaks to a more dynamic, inventive way of life. Nick, who lives in the West Egg, terms himself as a "guide, a pathfinder" As compared to the East Egg, it is also a land of “honest people”

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