Comparing The Holocaust And The Cultural Revolution Of Tibet

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Imagine if you were watching the news and there was an announcement about a mass genocide taking place right now,somewhere in the world.How would you feel?Well,sadly this is a reality to some people in the world. The word genocide itself is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many. The holocaust and the cultural revolution of Tibet were both large acts of genocide which were both handled differently by the victims and by the world as a whole.Genocide is a horrible crime that has been committed many times throughout history and many cases have been ignored by most of the world. The Holocaust was a genocide lead out by the government of Germany lead by Adolf Hitler,his goal was to rid the world of all non-germans. This all was set in place on January 30th,1933.As a result, in World War II Hitler took rule in Germany and build concentration camps and took Jews and threw them in the camps. They were forced to work,starved,and beaten.Consequently,just about 12 million people overall died because of these malicious crimes.Regular German citizens would just stand by and watch as a jew was brutally beaten to death on the street!Not only did the natzis…show more content…
“In 1949 35,00 Chinese troops invaded Tibet.”This was put into detail in an article by Hisyam Takiudin.The Chinese raped,tortured,and murdered one fifth of the Tibetan population,most in work camps and during arbitrary.As a result,47 million people in all have died during these tragic times. The brutality was so bad that the parents with children were forced to bury their children alive when they disobeyed.These crimes have lasted 49 years! Evidently,these crimes are still being committed! In Tibet today there is still no freedom of speech,religion, and arbitrary detainment still continues. As Tibetans are being slaughtered,we’re sitting here doing
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