Comparing The Landlady And Tell Tale Heart

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Have you ever noticed the differences and similarities in the books, Or have you ever used a Venn diagram to compare the differences or similarities? There were 2 short stories which were read. They were The Landlady, and Tell Tale Heart. They were compared in a Venn diagram to show the differences and the similarities of the story.
In this essay you will learn about the similarities of The Landlady , and Tell Tale Heart, You will also learn about the differences of the 2 short stories.

The Landlady is a short story by author Roald Dahl. The story is about a man named Billy Weaver, who is on a work trip, and needs to find a cheap, and a quality hotel. He asks someone At the train Station and they refer him to a hotel Called The Bell And Dragon, Billy soon walks down the block to the hotel but he feels that it is not welcoming. So he walks down more and finds a place called the Bed And Breakfast, to Billy it looked very inviting. Billy walked up to the glass window and peeked through, he saw a dog curled up by a fireplace, a large sofa, and plump armchairs. He soon made his decision on which hotel to stay at, and chose the Bed And Breakfast. He rung the doorbell, and immediately the door swung wide open. The lady who owned it was about forty five to fifty years old , and welcomed billy with a warm smile. She soon welcomed billy into the house, Billy the asked “How Much do you charge?” “Five and sixpence is fine.” Billy said that it was less than half he was

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