Comparing The Lost Boys, Dracula and Peter-Pan Essay

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Common threads in The Lost Boys, Dracula and Peter-Pan

In The Lost Boys there are similar occurrences and references to both of the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker and Peter Pan, by Sir James Barrie. There are many similarities between the three story lines. In the stories of all three works there is a common thread of story it all started with Dracula.

The story of Dracula has many components of it used in the film The Lost Boys. The comparison’s begin with the vampire. Dracula is centered around the main vampire, Dracula. Dracula has many powers and ways he can alter reality. In the novel Bram Stoker's Dracula we see that there is a power struggle. In all of the universe, no one being has complete control over another. In
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First he must take her blood, and secondly she must take his blood to make her a vampire.

Dracula is near immortality (he cannot die from the passage of time or from disease). Dracula has survived for century’s, and there was only one way he could die. The only way he can be killed is to have a stake driven through his heart, then have his head severed. Dracula has the ability to grow younger by drinking blood. His feeding upon the living keeps him alive or in his case Undead. The blood gives him his youth "in the blood is life!"

Dracula casts no shadow. He is not living and manipulates the light. The light seems to pass right through him. Or another way to look at this would be as Francis Ford Coppola viewed it: He felt that Dracula had a shadow by some means. Dracula’s shadow moved as though he could will the light to do his bidding, or does it go further than that is the shadow a darker side of Dracula? The shadow tries to strangle Jonathan Harker while Dracula stands here.

Dracula casts no reflection. The first time that we have a notion that he does not like mirrors is when Jonathan Harker makes the statement "there is not a single mirror in the entire castle". The most memorable mirror scene is when Dracula comes to see Jonathan he(Dracula) is exposed to mirror and he become enraged when he sees it. Dracula takes it and throws it into the courtyard below and it shatters on the rocks below.

Dracula has the ability to crawl along walls. One night

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