Comparing The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

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Compare and Contrast Have you ever thought Manhattan, New York could be compared to the PA Grand Canyon with common points? People wouldn’t think so because one is a busy city and the other is a rural town. Although they bear some superficial similarities, such as tourist, family, attractions, and size the differences between Manhattan and the PA Grand Canyon are clear. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is such a beautiful site. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Pennsylvania. Most people escape the city to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Tourist, when they venture to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon go with their families, friends, and or their significant other. Families normally spend their free time hiking, biking, boating, and or just enjoying the fresh mountain air the canyon has to offer. The attractions of the PA Grand Canyon are phenomenal many people when visiting the canyon go to the Colton Point. The Colton Point is a lookout on the west side of the canyon, and the Leonard Harrison is on the east side of the canyon offering you beautiful views of the PA Canyon. Another popular attraction in the Canyon is the Pine Creek Rail Trail, which is used for biking and hiking. The PA Grand Canyon is huge just the gorge alone is 47 miles. The whole thing alone is about 160,000 acres. The canyon begins south of Ansonia, near Wellsboro, along U.S. Route 6 and continues south. Although the PA Grand Canyon is one of the top tourist attractions in PA, Manhattan, New

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