Comparing Two Different Styles. Two Stories. Both Of Which

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Comparing Two Different Styles Two stories. Both of which were written on the grounds of the controversial subject of abortion. Two stories. There is nearly an eighty year difference in publish dates. T. Coraghessan Boyle’s story—The Love of My Life—and Ernest Hemingway’s story—Hills like White Elephants—are both short stories about abortion. However, the stylistic techniques that both writers exhibit are entirely different. These two well-known authors both write entirely different from each other; moreover, some of the writing choices made would strike a disagreement between Boyle and Hemingway. Therefore, this begs the question: if Boyle were to revise Hemingway’s story, what would he modify? If this were to happen, Boyle would mainly …show more content…

On the contrary, Hemingway’s short story does not establish a presence of Pathos. Hemingway does very little in describing Jig and the American and both of their backgrounds. In fact, there is no textual evidence regarding anything about these two characters. In Boyle’s story, however, there is an ample amount of background information supplied; this accomplishes the task of getting readers to empathize for the characters which drives Pathos home to the heart. For example, when Boyle expounds upon the future endeavors of the couple, he builds a relationship with the characters and the readers; “He’d been accepted at Brown… …own G.P.A. would put him in the top ten percent of their graduating class.” (para 13) Boyle further explains how China and Jeremy are both gifted students; he also insinuates that they will go off and do remarkable things. Of course, this never happens. However, the reader’s want of success for the couple is present. This paves way for an emotional connection. So, if Boyle were to revise Hemingway’s short story, Boyle would expound upon Jig’s and the American’s lives which would lead to an intimate connection between the two and the readers. This would establish a sense of Pathos and empathy while explaining the characters more definitely. Boyle and Hemingway’s stories both a couple and a problem. Although the problem is universal, the infrastructure of the problem differs. The infrastructure is primarily controlled by

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