Comparions of the Book and Movie of The Outsides by S.E. Hinton

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Watching a movie based on a book and actually reading the book can be a rather similar experience or not. The Outsiders by S.E Hinton was published sixteen years before Francis Ford Coppola turned the book into a movie. After reading the book and watching the movie, there are obvious similarities and differences between the two as characters, plot, and details are compared. Cherry and Marcia are both Socs. Hinton describes them as “… tuff looking girls – dressed sharp and really good-looking. They looked about sixteen or seventeen. One had short dark hair and the other had long red hair.” In the movie their characters were well cast because they fit the description in the book. By looking at them in the movie it was easy to …show more content…

I got this feeling because of his eyes, in the book it had a symbolic meaning. The symbolic meaning in the book was that his eyes were cold blue and icy, it lost that meaning in the movie.
Additionally, plot relationships differed between the book and movie. For example, the relationship between Soda and Sandy was very different in the movie. In the movie, Sandy is barely mentioned, and nothing is known about Sandy going to Florida and her reason for going. This has both an effect on the plot and understanding the relationship between Soda and Sandy. Coppola does not develop these characters in the movie as well as Hinton does in the book. Overall, director Francis Ford Coppola did a great job of selecting actors to play the roles. Coppola’s pick of C.Thomas Howell, as Ponyboy was a very good pick because I imaged Pony the exact same as it was described in the book. Also, I liked the flow of the movie and the fact that it was very similar to the book. Coppola set up the scenes beforehand and made sure that the scenes closely depicted the action in the book. For example, he made sure that the actors that were playing the Socs, they had all the best clothing. For the greacers, they only had sweat pants. This made the actors almost feel like they were back at that time and I think this made the movie a 100% better than it could’ve been. All in all, when reading a book and then watching the

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