Comparison And Contrast Between William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Gives the poison to Juliet
Friar Lawrence: Here, this will make you sleep for 42 hours and make you appear dead.
Juliet: i shall drink think when i get home and not marry Paris.
Friar: I shall get the message to Romeo go along.
Juliet leaves Lawrence's cell.
Juliet: Nurse I do not wanna marry Paris, i shall keep my love for Romeo
Juliet: Nurse I have a poison that will make me appear dead for 42 hours and Friar Lawrence will be getting a message to Romeo i won’t have to marry Paris!
Nurse: Romeo has slayed your cousin to death why do you have such love for him? He shall pay for Tybalt’s death!
Juliet: We are meant to be, we are star crossed lovers!
Nurse: I shall tell your parents what you have planned, you may marry Paris!

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