Comparison Between Al Qaeda And Isis Terrorist Groups

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Comparison between Al-Qaeda and ISIS Terrorist Groups
The Al-Qaeda is the deadliest terrorist group in the world responsible for the worst attacks across the globe. The group is Wahhabi organization that was founded by Osama Bin Laden alongside Abdullah Azzam and other influential militants. When Osama Bin Laden died, it was a big drawback to the group, however, was a big setback for the prominent terrorist group, it still managed to maintain its grounds and grow stronger over the years (Bergen, 2011). Al-Qaeda is responsible for the April 2007 Ashoura massacre and also contributed to the September 11th attack on American soil. Al-Qaeda has very many training grounds spread across the globe with the largest one been the Khalden training camp located in Shorabak in Pakistan that was apparently destroyed by the American military. The core lesson taught at the training camps is the interpretation of the Muslim Sharia law. The Al-Qaeda group has one mission, vision, and objective, to form global jihad to unite all Muslims across the globe (Shahzad, 2011). The Al-Qaeda group has a characteristic way of carrying its attacks via the use suicide bombers who are sent to carry out suicide missions. Al-Qaeda also owns numerous aircraft such as Boeing 727s as well as multiple executive jets.
ISIS is Sunni jihadist terrorist group primarily operating in Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria among other countries. The primary obligation of the group is to bring all Muslim population under its

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